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Enterprise Grade Trading Tools for Digital Assets
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We help sophisticated digital asset traders by providing timely, actionable information.

  1. Track top performing wallets

  2. Identify & classify accounts, wallets and clusters

  3. Flag bad actors, wash activity, & stolen wallets

  4. Uncover patterns & develop custom tags, indices, & notifications

  5. Subscribe to real-time dynamic data feeds

Designed with Input from the Most Demanding Customers

The FRST platform was built with professional traders, data scientists, and blockchain researchers in mind. Users include major digital asset exchanges, hedge funds with dedicated crypto desks, audit/compliance/KYC functions within institutions, and university and government research efforts in the blockchain space.

Built for High Performance Analysis

The FRST platform was built from the ground up using high performance data engineering, including multiple advanced query languages and crisp visualization. Everything about our architecture is informed by our team’s decades of experience building high performance systems to sort and analyze large datasets.

Identify & Investigate Addresses

Create connections between addresses and non-blockchain data based on pattern recognition. The FRST platform allows deep research into wallet-level history, holdings, trading strategy, and relationships.

Deep Research Tools

Unprecedented Capabilities


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